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Pastoral counseling combines traditional psychological theories and counseling methods with the religious teachings of the Christian church. Practitioners seek to interpret human behavior and human experience as an integration of the physiological, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. It is closely related to the fields of divinity, pastoral care, psychology, and theology.

A master’s degree in pastoral counseling provides students with both the fundamentals in secular psychology and a strong understanding of biblical counseling principles and strategies in order to better meet the needs of others. Master’s degree programs generally take two years to complete. Some pastoral counseling programs require you to already have a bachelor’s degree in a related area, such as psychology or theology. You may even elect to earn a master of divinity degree before pursuing a master’s in pastoral counseling. Coursework can include a variety of subjects, such as human development and personality, interpersonal dynamics, marriage, family, and community dynamics, cultural systems, and research methods, among others. Certain programs may also require you to complete an internship in order to gain real world experience. Upon receiving this degree, you can pursue careers in a variety of settings, such as churches, rescue missions, shelters, and even the military.

Guide to Online Masters in Counseling Programs

Grand Canyon University MS in Professional Counseling MS in Addiction Counseling Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University is an accredited college that is backed by years of experience in helping students pursue high level positions and in-demand careers. Programs can be completed on your own timeline, and better yet, they can be worked on at school, home, or even on the go. GCU offers two degrees, a Masters in Professional Counseling as well as a MS in Addiction Counseling.
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Liberty University MA in Professional Counseling MA in School Counseling MA in Marriage/Family Therapy Liberty University – One of the nations leading Christian evangelical colleges, Liberty offers a number of online masters in counseling degrees, such as programs for those that want to become a professional counselors, become school counselors, or become certified to be marriage and family counselors. These courses are designed to be completed with in two years and most require a bachelor degree.
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Kaplan University MS in Psychology MS in General Psychology MS in Addictions Psychology MS in Behavioral Psychology Kaplan University – Kaplan University is a nation-wide leader in accredited online education. Students gain knowledge and skills they need to fill high in demand positions. This places them in the center of lucrative careers and a field that is always seeking skilled individuals. Students can choose from a masters in Psychology, General Psychology, Addictions Psychology, and Behavioral Psychology.
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University of the Rockies MA in Career Counseling University of the Rockies – In response to growing interest in online education, University of the Rockies has made an accredited online program available for its Masters in Career Counseling degree. This degree takes a look at the behavioral patterns and psychological aspects behind decision making and job seeking, using curriculum designed to be relevant in today"s work environment.
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University of Southern California MSW - Families and Children MSW - Mental Health MS - Applied Psych: Consumer Psych MS - Applied Psych: Organizational Psych University of Southern California – The University of Southern California now offers fully accredited online master degrees which focus on a variety of subject relevant to counseling like social work, consumer psychology, and mental health. Students in these fully online programs can complete the 60-credit degree in less time than it would require at a traditional campus school. Graduates will obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue lucrative careers in psychology.
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