30 Educational Resources for Life Coaches

A master’s degree in counseling can lead you into many career decisions during your lifetime. Life coaching, which has been recognized as a profession for about two decades, might be one of your career choices. Originally started by the late Thomas Leonard, life coaching developed into a leading personal growth service that is coming into its own, along with special training and certification. The following information provides resources for Continuing Coaching Education (CCE), which refers to formal courses and seminars that teach skills or tools directly related to ICF (International Coach Federation) Core Competencies, certification information and tools that you might use for yourself or for future clients.

CCE (Continuing Coaching Education) Training


  1. Advantage Coaching & Training wants to work with individuals and teams who desire to go to the next level. Our ideal clients are those who want to make a significant difference in their lives and the lives of others.
  2. CTI – The Coaches Training Institute offers an in-depth five-program series that is widely recognized as the most dynamic in the industry and allows people to take relationships and conversations to a completely different level.
  3. Dolphin Leadership believes that leadership is shown through inspiration, passion, and movement that is fluid and organic; and can change to meet the needs of a particular environment or situation.
  4. Fearless Living Institute exists to support individuals in overcoming the emotional fears that keep them from fulfilling their potential, their life dreams and their business goals.
  5. Insight Learning Studio is run by Jeannie Sullivan, an Instructional Designer and Professional Coach. In her role, she collaborates with organizations and individuals to create learning solutions that inspire and motivate participants to engage new behaviors and attain performance results.
  6. Life Coaching Group assists individuals, teams and organizations transform themselves through insightful self-awareness, exploring preferences and leadership styles, and looking at strategies for personal and professional development.
  7. New Ventures West is a group of dedicated practitioners on four continents who have been bringing forward Integral Coaching for over 20 years. Their mission is to leave everyone who is in contact with us more fulfilled and freer to pursue what’s important to them.
  8. NTL Institute delivers powerful learning solutions for organizations, leaders and practitioners who have a clear stake in accelerating individual, team and organization effectiveness.
  9. Retirement Options offers coaches training in helping others plan their personal, work, leisure or even spiritual futures in retirement.
  10. Way of Life Coaching, LLC offers a special group package called Promised Land Living that is specifically designed for lay leaders in the church.


Life Map

  1. Coachville was one of the original Life Coaching associations. It was started by the father of Life Coaching, Thomas Leonard, in the early 1990s as an alternative to the (ICF — see below), which he also founded.
  2. International Association of Coaching (IAC) is an independent, global coach certifying body. Their mission is to expand the path to coaching mastery by inspiring the on-going evolution and application of universal coaching standards.
  3. International Coach Federation (ICF) developed the first universally accepted Accreditation process which preserves the integrity of coaching through standardized credentials that assist consumers in choosing professional coaches.
  4. International Coaching Association The ICA has the ability to offer several low-cost alternatives for those coaches who are just entering the profession and who have very little previous formal coaching training.
  5. International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA) is the largest membership organization of Christian coaches in the world. ICCA is open to all coaches, counselors, pastors, chaplains and lay counseling ministry leaders who want to learn and accomplish more as a Christian Life Coach.
  6. International Institute for Coaching (IIC, formerly the ECI) was formed in 1999 as a not-for-profit organization run by professional coaches. IIC is an internationally-focused group working to promote best practices among its members.
  7. US Life Coach Association (USLCA) is a a professional coaching organization dedicated to promoting and assisting Life and Business Coaches. Build your business with their marketing, public relations, advertising, promoting, networking and certification help.
  8. Wellcoaches Corporation, in strategic partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine, is setting the gold standard for the new professions of health coach and wellness coach.
  9. World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and advancement of Action Learning in business and government.

Life Coaching Tools

New Beginning

  1. Authentic Happiness is the homepage of Dr. Martin Seligman, Director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania and founder of positive psychology, a branch of psychology which focuses on the empirical study of such things as positive emotions, strengths-based character, and healthy institutions.
  2. Free Management Library provides free, easy-to-access, online articles to develop yourself, other individuals, groups and organizations (whether the organization is for-profit or nonprofit). Over the past 15 years, the Library has grown to be one of the world’s largest well-organized collections of these types of articles and resources.
  3. Life Coaching Articles, provided by The Coaching Institute, can provide inspiration for anyone who seeks to become a leader and to coach others to reach the same goal.
  4. Mind Tools teaches the practical, straightforward skills you need to excel in your career. These skills can help you become exceptionally effective, be a great manager and leader, be more successful in your career – and even become happier at work.
  5. My Goals Buddy helps individuals boost their personal development by providing insights from some of the leading names in the arena, who, according to site creator Mervin Straughan, have been inspirational.
  6. Self Help Zone offers a place for self help, self improvement and personal growth. The site tackles topcs that range from addiction to self improvement and time management.
  7. SelfGrowth.com is an Internet “supersite” for self improvement and personal growth. They provide information ranging from goal setting and stress management to natural health and alternative medicine.
  8. Six Seconds is a global organization supporting people-performance and positive change. Six Seconds offers transformational learning and development programs, scientifically validated assessments, and effective consulting processes. Take advantage of their online tools to learn more.
  9. The Attitude Doc can help guide you towards a path of tremendous success in all areas of your life.
  10. Tools to Life is a global leader in social networking self-development programs. From Day 1 be informed, motivated and supported by like-minded community as you take daily action toward the life you want.
  11. Wendy Buckingham’s All About Becoming a Life Coach is managed by one of the founders of ICF in Australia. Look for interesting information on this site such as starting a business and coach certification.