50 Best Blogs for Practicing Positive Psychology

Positive thinking is a relatively new practice in psychology, though it has historic roots dating back to the 20th century. The general idea is that through the use, training and practice of positive psychology, positive psychologists aim to improve the quality of life in individuals as well as entire communities, rather than solely treating mental illnesses. It’s focusing importance on not only studying the method in which things go wrong, but also in determining how things go right. The ultimate goal is happiness. if you are interested in studying psychology or getting into counseling, these blogs offer methods, background and studies into how positive psychology works. These blogs are written by psychologists, as well as other professionals in the field, and offer an introduction and insight into this positive field.

Best Blogs for Positive Thinking

  1. Positive Psychology Reflections This is a fantastic blog for learning about positive psychology from a woman who coaches folks for a living.
  2. Tough Guide You’ll love this blog because it shows interesting ways to make your work environment pleasurable through positive thinking.
  3. Walter Jacobson Blog Everything from relationships to depression is addressed at this blog that offers positive thinking solutions for both.
  4. Motivational Memo This is one of the best positive thinking blogs we’ve come across because the advice is to-the-point and easy to implement for real life staring now.
  5. The Happiness Project This writer put positive psychology into play for an entire year to see if it works. Read her blog and tips for maintaining a happy life.
  6. SoBe Organized Positive thinking starts with simplifying your life. Read how to get organized and handle it all with this blog.
  7. Dave Shearon The blog of this positive psychology wiz is aimed at helping leaders and managers maintain a healthy attitude for employees in the work place.
  8. Life at Work Making your life at work better is the goal of this blog. With advice on how to see nearly every situation in a positive light, this blog is your go-to for reducing work stress.
  9. The Happiness Institute Blog What can happiness do for you? According to this blog, just about anything. Read about what happiness can fix and get smiling!
  10. Success Inspired This site is a great resource for learning more about positive thinking on the web.
  11. Success Consciousness Making positive thinking a way of life is what ultimately leads to happiness.
  12. Life Positive This blog is chock full of tips that will make it easy to practice positive psychology.
  13. Self-Growth Folks flock to this site for it’s approachable take on positive psychology. There’s also an active community for those who want to make a few friends with others who practice the same mindset.
  14. Positive Thinking Everyday It’s all about making positive thinking a way of life. This blog shows you how to implement the practice in easy ways.
  15. Coaching Towards Happiness This site tracks positive thinking coaches with links to their sites for more tips on putting positive psychology into practice.
  16. Authentic Happiness This is the blog for Penn State’s department of positive psychology, which is making major headway in the field.
  17. Happiness Club NY Those in the New York area can check this site for information on meetups for like-minded people who love being happy.
  18. Cognitive Daily This blog stopped publishing in early 2010, but the posts are still on the site and available for anyone who wants to explore the scientific side of positive psychology.
  19. Senia This site doesn’t update often, but the archived posts are brilliant for putting positive thinking into play.
  20. Positive Psychology News This is the online resource for those exploring positive psychology.
  21. The Psych Student This is a general blog over psychology, but has interesting posts over positive psychology.
  22. Life Coaches Blog While some blogs get a little too new age for our taste, this one keeps it simple and thoroughly explains positive psychology practices.
  23. Theano Coaching This blog no longer updates, but the archived information is helpful for those dealing with stressful times in their lives.
  24. Dr. John Blog This in-depth positive psychology blog will allow you to explore the practice with both the scientific and new wave sides to weigh.
  25. Enchanted Self This blog aims to empower women through positive psychology practices.

Articles on Practicing Positive Psychology

  1. Practicing Positive Psychology in Higher Education Learn how positive psychology is playing a role in success in higher education.
  2. How Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business Even if you aren’t buying into positive psychology for the psychological aspects, maybe the money aspect will make you think with positive energy.
  3. Leadership Role of Positive Psychology How does positive psychology play a role in being a better leader? Find out here.
  4. Translational Research in Positive Psychology This is an interesting article over the studies being done in positive psychology.
  5. Delivering Happiness: Zappos and Positive Energy Book Review Zappos has created the ultimate work environment. This article examines the book and why the formula works for the shoe (and now apparel) web store.
  6. Positive Psychology at McLean Hospital Read about the expansion of a positive psychology institute at this hospital to benefit both the staff and patients.
  7. Positive Psychology Search Search positive psychology phrases or big wigs with this custom search engine for the subject.
  8. Generally Thinking This general psychology blog has smart posts over positive psychology to get you thinking happy.
  9. Creating Passionate Users We love this blog because it has a get-real approach to positive thinking. Sometimes it comes off as aggressive, but the content is a lot easier to swallow than the super mushy new age blogs.
  10. Happy Days The original version of this article debuted in 2000, proving the positive psychology trend is hardly a fad.
  11. Why Couch Potatoes Are Tired Do nothing all day and you can still feel tired at the end of it. Why? Find out with this article that preaches positive thinking in order to get moving.
  12. Teaching Happiness on the Web Can you buy happiness? Maybe. Take a look at this NY Times article that examines the coaching industry of positive thinking.
  13. 10 Tips for Positive Thinking Can you make yourself happier? It may work by implementing these 10 helpful tips.
  14. Mayo Clinic – Positive Thinking This article explains positive thinking with the science side in mind and the vast health benefits that come along with the practice.
  15. The Benefits of Positive Thinking There are a few integral rules of positive thinking and this concise post spells them out so you can start working towards a better you ASAP.
  16. Positive Psychology’s Negatives Is positive psychology all fun and games? Definitely not. Read this interview for the scoop.
  17. Positive Psychology and Happiness Positive psychology isn’t all about new age jargon that takes you in circles. Read about the facts with this subject.
  18. The Science of Happiness Since early 2007, Harvard has studied positive psychology and the science of being happy.
  19. The Six Life Benefits of Happiness You’ll feel like a million (even if you don’t make a million) when you’re happy, according to several psychology studies.
  20. The Negative Truth About Positive Energy Everyone from mass corporations to self-titled”gurus” are cashing in on positive psychology. Read about the effects it has.
  21. Introducing the Happiness Index This 2008 article states that though positive thinking was just reaching its height at the time, Americans were less than “happy.”
  22. Preferences for Positive Thinking Exercises Sure, we all want to practice positive thinking, but what exercises actually work?
  23. Positive Organizational Psychology, Behavior and Scholarship Because it’s a fairly new area in the field, there are few studies in positive psychology. This article reviews literature on the subject from 2001-2009.
  24. Resilience as the Ability to Bounce Back from Stress Is positive thinking all we need to maintain ourselves during highly stressful times in our lives?
  25. Manipulating Optimism Can you manipulate the future by practicing positive thinking? This article explains the theory.