Top 20 Job Sites for School Counselors

As a school counselor, you wear many hats. Students turn to school counselors for guidance on family issues, health problems and career options. While you may not have the answers to all of these things, you can guide your students in the right direction when they come to you for help on a difficult subject.

It’s a constant learning experience for school counselors who want to be a fantastic resource for students who have questions on where to turn during a crisis or how to go about filing for financial assistance. The following blogs, websites and forums give school counselors the tools to finding everything they need to continue to learn and lead, and there are several great sites for counselors to find job listings in their area.

Blogs and Sites for School Counselors

  1. Career Counseling Jobs This site gives you the skinny on counseling careers in your area. It divvies up jobs by school and what age group you’ll deal with, as well as any pre-requisites or certifications you need for the position.
  2. American Counseling Association This fantastic site has everything you need to know about new counseling laws and requirements varying by state. It also discusses the job market outlook for school counselors and how to specialize in areas like bullying or LGBT issues to make yourself an invaluable resource.
  3. School Counselor If you’re looking to improve your skills as a school counselor, this site is packed with tips and resources for taking your resume to the next level. The online tutorials and lesson plans are all available free of charge.
  4. American School Counselor This site discusses upcoming conferences for school counselors. A portion of the site is dedicated solely to social networking for school counselors, making it a great site to stop by when you want to get an idea of the counseling scene in other regions.
  5. SchoolSpring This is a job hunting site for those in education and the counseling section is full of promising opportunities for those looking for a career as a school counselor. You’re able to search jobs by state or by grade level.
  6. Top Jobs USA This general job search site is a smart resource for school counselors because it gets very specific about what type of counselor a school is in need of. Top Jobs USA allows you to search jobs by city and throw in any keywords that may aide your search.
  7. CareerBuilder – School Counselors At this site, school counselors can peruse job opportunities and check out what the job market is like in an area they may want to relocate to. You can also look at the “similar jobs” tab for jobs that may utilize your counseling skills without being a conventional school counselor.
  8. Kid’s Health Check out this healthy blog which coves a lot of mental health and well-being issues the typical school counselor deals with from students. It talks about approaching a kid in need and the signs to look for when a student may be too timid to reach out for help on their own.
  9. Indeed – Guidance Counselor From this job site, aspiring school counselors can look for jobs in their area and feel out more specific titles that are rapidly growing. These include counselors that specialize in bullying or cyber safety, aiding parents and students in these growing problem areas.
  10. Farmington School Counseling Be prepared to be wowed by this amazing school counselor who blogs about issues she’s seeing in her school, giving parents a heads-up on what to take care of at home. The writer is a counselor at an elementary school, so the topics aren’t too heavy, but her skills show fellow school counselors how to make the most of their position.
  11. Education World What are schools looking for out of a counselor? This site talks about what a school and administration is looking for in counselors at various grade levels and how to make the most of your career and serving the community.
  12. Message Boards and Forums for School Counselors

    Interacting with other school counselors and those working in education is a fantastic way to learn more about your own profession and seek out job opportunities that will let you shine. These message boards and forums are aimed at educators, so sign up and get acquainted with other teachers and counselors who are making a difference.

  13. Teachers Chatboard Teachers from all walks of life and grade levels chat at this educator’s forum. You’ll also find forums on recruiters and continuing education courses to make you a more desirable candidate when job hunting.
  14. The Teacher’s Corner At this teachers’ message board, expect a friendly welcome from educators who’ve been in the biz for decades. This is a fantastic board because the crowd is excited about innovative tactics when it comes to guiding students and also talk about the role technology plays in how teachers and counselors interact with kids.
  15. Teach-nology The focus of this site is to ensure educators are making the most of technology in our school systems. This site is active with several new posts a day and boasts over a thousand members.
  16. Education World This unique board is more of a blog since there are no members and you can’t post at it. That said, there’s a plethora of knowledge and school counselors on the hunt for a new career will appreciate the savvy career advice it offers educators.
  17. Great Teacher This site has a chat area, but it also has tons of articles over using technology to interact with students and parents, and how to job hunt online when you’re already working. It is a wonderful site for school counselors who want to brush up on their trade while seeking employment.
  18. City Data Forums – Education This isn’t exclusively an education message board, but the threads at the education forum are a great read for educators. There are many over obtaining your masters in counseling and how to scope out the school counseling job market in your area.
  19. TheGradCafe – Psychology This site is aimed at students in graduate school and the psychology forum is chock full of advice for those looking to be a school counselor. It takes some digging to find the right threads, but the friendly crowd here is happy to point you in the right direction.
  20. All About Counseling This site touches on the different types of counseling with a plentiful amount of content for school counselors. This is also a fantastic site for school counselors to explore to keep themselves abreast of new techniques used to counsel students dealing with alcohol or drug abuse.
  21. School Counselor Central This is an essential read for school counselors because it discusses everything from job hunting to interviewing to creating a community-like environment for students and parents. It also touches on subjects that you may encounter depending on what age group you’re counseling.