Top 20 Specialty Search Engines for Career Counselors

If looking for a masters in counseling or related degree, your computer or mobile device is no longer a distraction or a way to check in with your online friends. You can now use it to go beyond the usual Google searches that can lead to dead ends and endless frustration. With a search engine for just about everything, there are many options for those looking to become or who are working as a career counselor.

To help build on that, we have collected the top 20 specialty search engines for career counselors. They have options for everything from looking up a specific educational or psychological term to helping you land the job of your dreams.

Top Specialty Search Engines for Career Counselors in General

  1. Department of Education
    The U.S. Department of Education is a first stop for many career counselors and other educational professionals. They can help you find everything from grant information to research and statistics. The advanced options can also help narrow searches.
    No matter what career goal you are striving for, chances are has someone writing all about it. Simply type in career counselor or other related area to get all the results in their expertly written database. Top ten lists, videos, and more are also available here.
  3. iSeek
    This specialty search engine is designed especially for educational professionals. Students, teachers, administrators, and caregivers all search for items from thousands of trusted resources. You can also check out the MySeek option for those who set wish to set their own preferences.
  4. EduHound
    Search for everything from acceptable use policies to world languages on this search engine. Also intended for educators, they offer collections of topic-based online education resources. There are also sub-search engines to be taken advantage of.
  5. Journal Seek
    With over 97,000 titles and counting, you can look for and find journal entries on every subject from the arts to recreation on this one search engine. There are over 2,600 on education alone and you can even search by ISSN.
  6. OJOSE
    The Online Journal Search Engine is similar to that of the above. There are eight different searches you can do such as for scientific articles, online journals, in print journals, in print online, and others. There is also the option to translate into various languages.
  7. PubMed
    If interested in medical journals, click here. Part of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, they have over 20 million citations for biomedical literature. There are also tools such as citation matchers and even a mobile option.
  8. Google Scholar
    Finally, if you can’t find it on the above, chances are Google scholar has it. Many students, teachers, and more utilize it to find sources of timely information via websites, blogs, printed works, and even legal opinions and journals.

Top Specialty Search Engines for Career Counselors by Subject

  1. Federal Student Aid
    Learn all about applying for college, financial aid, and other related items on the official site for federal student aid. In addition to offering an advanced search, you can go directly to guides for the FAFSA and other forms of financial aid. There are also entries for helping students in elementary, middle, and high school.
  2. FreSch
    As a career counselor, many students may come to you for information on scholarships. Use this search engine that contains over 5,000 sources offering approximately 450,000 awards. There are also tips on finding and winning scholarships.
  3. Psyc NET
    Because counseling and psychology often go together, stop here. The search engine is powered by the American Psychological Association and includes articles, books, critiques, and more. You can also use their citation finder, or check out the main site with more.
  4. Psychology Today
    This search engine gives you the ability to search through the magazine’s vast and impressive database, written by psychology and therapy experts. Simply type in your term or view by subjects such as addiction, child development, stress, and more.
  5. ZPID
    Stop here for an international search engine provided by The Leibniz-Institute for Psychology Information of Germany. There are loads of entries in English and from around the world on psychology. You can even narrow a search by organization or type of entry you are looking for.
  6. Wordsmyth
    Sure, there are lots of online dictionaries on the web, but not many of them are specifically for education. Visit here for both a dictionary and thesaurus with education in mind. There is a version for beginners, children, and the advanced.
  7. Psychology Dictionary
    Stop here for a specialized online dictionary of psychology terms. Search from A to Z, or take advantage of the other reference tools. The main page has psychology texts, information on disorders, and even a journal of their own.

Top Specialty Search Engines for Career Counselors Looking for a Job

  1. Career Counseling Jobs
    Just as the title promises, the site shares the latest in job postings for career counselors on the main page. You can also view by city, post a job, and do a search by keyword. They also offer other niche job boards from accounting to travel.
  2. Career Center
    This job resource is provided by the American Counseling Association. In addition to viewing opportunities, you can get many guides to landing a job as a career counselor. They include interviewing tips, resume help, and even how to get a federal job.
  3. School Spring
    If a job as a school counselor is what you seek, click here. School Spring has loads of jobs in schools and offers this special section for school counselors. Many entries are added on a daily basis.
  4. University Jobs
    If looking to become a career counselor at the collegiate level, stop here. The search engine has listings for universities in administrative and other staff positions, as well as faculty and research. Set up an account online or simply begin searching.
  5. After College
    Those who have recently completed a degree in counseling can stop here to get a job search engine for those just out of school. Current popular jobs include teaching, part time, government, and many other jobs. You can even search for jobs offered to graduates by school.

If you still need more information that isn’t contained on the above top 20 specialty search engines, check out Career Paths & Specialties With a Masters in Counseling for more information on counselors and relevant links.