Counseling Corner: Top 50 Blogs For Dealing With Juvenile Depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 26.2 percent of Americans aged 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. Nearly half of these people, 45 percent, suffer from more than one condition. However, these conditions can start as early as childhood and often develop in the teenage years.

With depression being at the top of the list, that translates into millions of Americans. If you are a juvenile with depression or the parent of one, it is easy to feel alone. For more serious conditions, it can be a good idea to seek treatment with a counselor, who can offer advice about how to deal with depression. If you or someone close to you struggles with depression, it is helpful to have access to free and useful resources online to learn more about coping with these condition. These 50 blogs deal with juvenile depression, and with these you will find stories from others dealing with depression, you can read the advice and treatment of professionals, and find help with just getting through the day and dealing with your own depression.

Top Blogs For Dealing With Juvenile Depression by a Female Patient

  1. The Trouble with Spikol : Liz is from Philadelphia where she started writing about her experience as a person with mental illness in 1999 while employed at “Philadelphia Weekly.” The blog is about medications, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, SAD, and loads of other acronyms. One of the latest posts took a look at the overdose of Shawn King.
  2. Depression : Nancy has a lifetime of experience with depression, experiencing firsthand how devastating this illness can be and how the correct medical intervention can turn mere existence into living. She also has degrees in biology and community health education. Top posts on her blog include the symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis of depression.
  3. Beyond Blue : Therese Borchard is taking a spiritual journey towards mental health. Part of, her faith is an essential part to dealing with depression. Recent posts are on therapy and ways to keep going.
  4. Coming Out Crazy : Sandy Naiman came up with that title for a 2,500-word autobiographical feature about her 39-year-life as a psychiatric patient. Now a blogger for Psych Central, she is working on a Ph.D. in “me.” Check out her blog to see her progress.
  5. Depression on my Mind : As a journalist, Christine Stapleton has covered many impressive and changing events in her life. However, subjects such as alcoholism and depression have taken on a whole new meaning for her. She recently celebrated twelve years sober and blogs all about it.
  6. The Suicide List : Mariah had been contemplating suicide since 2006. In her tell all blog, she chronicles thoughts both disturbing and honest. In October of 2009, she was ready to quit the blog and tells why and how.
  7. Chunks of Reality : This mother writes frankly about how depression has affected the whole family here. Categories range on everything from addiction to work. She recently filed for bankruptcy and tells the story here.
  8. Precious Sanity : Hypomanic Girl is many thins including lonely, manic, bipolar, and a poet. Topics on the blog include after treatment, depression, guidance, and many others. One of the latest posts was on how depression truly does hurt.
  9. If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going : Susan begins her blog in a very telling way: she lists the meds she has/is taking. Best of all, she calls the section “what I did for love.” The blog is also good for those going through depression with an artistic side.
  10. His and Hers Depression Blog : Susan King blogs about how depression can affect a married couple. Coping, anxiety, and others make up the bulk of the blog. A recent entry was entitled “analysis paralysis.”

Top Blogs For Dealing With Juvenile Depression by a Male Patient

  1. Storied Mind : The blogger known simply as John writes stories to help himself and others recover from a life of depression. They focus on changing the destructive inner beliefs that can threaten your life. A popular series was on why men leave.
  2. Catatonic Kid : You name it, CK probably has or thinks he might have in addition to an addiction to words. One of the most recent endeavors was a PTSD series in several parts. Be sure not to miss “The Top Ten Ways You Know You’ve Been in Therapy Too Long” entry.
  3. A Splintered Mind : Douglas Corey has become an author despite ADHD, depression, and a tic disorder. News, images, humor, and more combine on this blog from his distinct viewpoint. He also shares his published articles and interviews.
  4. The Pursuit of Happiness : PH shares his journey through self-help techniques for battling depression. He also uses herbal remedies and hypnosis and shares more. Brute honesty is often the subject of posts.
  5. Furious Seasons : Phillip is a long-time psych patient who has become quite skeptical about where we are with mental health. He wants the kind of results that patients were promised 20 years ago at the dawn of the psychopharmacological revolution. A while can go between blog posts but it is still a good read for a unique opinion.
  6. A Beautiful Revolution : In 2005, Andre was depressed to the point of suicide. He then began expressing himself through doodles. The popular blog and a book of his drawings are the must see results.

Top Blogs For Dealing With Juvenile Depression by a Psychologist

  1. World of Psychology : Part of Psych Central, this popular blog is full of stats and the latest in mental health. Popular posts include “Statistics About College Depression” and “Tips for Coping with a Hurricane.” You can also get loads of information on depression and other disorders.
  2. Frontier Psychiatrist : This blog is written by Dr. Stephen Ginn, who is a London based psychiatric trainee. It is a critique of psychiatric practice, as well as the “psychologisation” of society. He also has book recommendations for the like-minded.
  3. Guideposts to Happiness : Dr. Will Meecham is your blogger and expert guide from Psych Central. His blog contains topics such as fear, fate, and the unexpected.
  4. Mindfulness & Psychotherapy : Dr. Elisha Goldstein is in private practice in West Los Angeles and co-author of “A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook.” She also advocates that mental health comes from an approach that looks at all aspects of the self – physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. Choose entries on everything from addiction to trauma.
  5. PsyBlog : Jeremy Dean is currently a researcher at University College London where he is working towards a Ph.D. Understanding your mind is the focus of the blog. With posts such as “10 Psychological Insights” and “Why we do Dumb Things” it is no wonder why it is so popular.
  6. Dr. Deb : Dr. Deborah Serani is a psychologist/psychoanalyst specializing in trauma and depression. Labels on the blog include anxiety, autism, self-esteem, and many others. A recent entry was on down time and taking her own advice.
  7. Change Therapy : Visit here for the blog of a psychotherapist in Vancouver, Canada. Isabella has been working in the field of mental health, counseling, psychotherapy and movement therapy for 15 years and enjoys helping people build better lives. You can also get sections on eating disorders, chronic pain, anorexia, and other topics.
  8. Psychology Today : If the above isn’t enough for you, visit here. Psychology Today has dozens of experts blogging on the topic from sleep disorders to addiction. Stress, happiness, social life, and many other topics also take center stage.

Top Mental Health Blogs For Dealing With Juvenile Depression

  1. The Happiness Project : Gretchen Rubin wrote a memoir on the year searching for happiness including the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happy–from Aristotle to Martin Seligman to Thoreau to Oprah. On this blog, she shares her insights to help you create your own happiness project.
  2. Facts and Fictions in Mental Health : This blog is from the experts at “Scientific American.” Reports, figures, and more are used in many entries. Get blog posts on everything from internet porn addiction to schizophrenia all on one site.
  3. Sharp Brains : Get brain fitness for all from the depressed to their families on this site. Channels include those especially for ADHD and even peak performance. The top articles here include “Top 50 Brain Teasers” and “Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains”.
  4. NIMH : The National Institute of Mental Health conducts research on loads of mental health issues, including depression. Stop by to read the latest report. You can even get mental health information by age or gender.
  5. Feel : If you are a mother, Blisstree has many articles for you. The Feel section is loaded with mental health tips for everyone. There is also help for living, moving, eating, and more.
  6. Mental Health Blog : This blogger’s background is in psychology and sociology. Working with individuals of various ages and conditions, they blog on current research involving mental health. One of the latest entries was on Ketamine, a possible treatment for depression.
  7. Mental Health Blog : Not to be confused with the one above, this blog is authored by Categories include agoraphobia, coping, stress, and much more. A recent post told the story of a paranoid personality disorder.
  8. Beyond Meds : Get alternatives to psychiatry on this blog. Choose from subjects such as withdrawal, personal stories, undiagnosing, and much more. The blogger also welcomes guest posts.
  9. We Worry : The goal of this online store is to change women’s health naturally. Topics include anxiety, smoking cessation, yoga, and more. Camellia oil was the topic of a recent entry.
  10. Medical News Today : Get all the mental health headlines in one place by visiting here. With several entries a day, they offer loads of reading. You can also utilize their video library.

Top Specialty Blogs For Dealing With Juvenile Depression

  1. Knowledge is Necessity : John McManamy is an award winning mental health journalist and author. Videos, blog posts, and more are full of useful information. Be sure and visit his main site with more.
  2. Coping With Life : Tom Davis is an award-winning journalist who received a Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellowship in 2004. He often analyzes items in the news pertaining to depression and comments on them. A recent post was on a professional golfer who committed suicide.
  3. Postpartum Progress : A condition afflicting mothers after they give birth, postpartum depression can also affect juveniles. Katherine Stone makes this blog stand out for the Six Things entries alone on topics such as “Six Things Every New Mom Should Know About Postpartum Depression.” You can also click on sections to get help, an FAQ, and even area for survivors.
  4. Optimism Apps : This company provides special online and over the web tools for those suffering from depression. Popular entries on the blog include helping someone with depression and ways to insult them. You can also visit the store and FAQ section.
  5. Lawyers With Depression : The blogger created this site to help others with depression not feel so isolated. He also began it to help others with depression and who are practicing law. Check out the features, blog entries, and even podcasts.
  6. Pop Psychology : Johannah Cousins is a senior English major at Yale University with a focus on gender studies and contemporary popular culture. See how popular culture can affect juveniles, children, and even adults. Recent topics of discussion include “Twilight” and Joan Rivers.
  7. Everyone Needs Therapy : This blogger is a social worker who recounts their experiences. Recommendations on the blog include for relationships, loneliness, and many others. TD also keeps readers up to date on daily life.
  8. Celebrity Psychings : If your juvenile with depression thinks he or she is the only one, have them visit here. Alicia Sparks writes on the mental state of everyone who is famous. Picks and pans are featured as well.
  9. Mind Hacks : Learn the simplicities on how the mind works in this fun to read blog. It contains neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain. The latest entry is on Mars.

Top Blogs For Dealing With Juvenile Bipolar Disorder

  1. Bipolar Happens : Julie Fast gives straight talk on managing bipolar disorder. With several books on the subject, her blog is also full of expert advice. A recent entry was on the bipolar weight gain dilemma.
  2. Bipolar Beat : Dr. Candida Fink and Joe Kraynak team up on this blog. She specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry, with expertise in autism, pediatric bipolar disorder, and mental health issues in school settings. He is an author with a book on the subject in addition to a wife who suffers from bipolar disorder.
  3. The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive : This blogger is not so secretive about life with bipolar disorder. Over a million people have visited to get information about life on the inside of the condition. Posts that must be read include “How Mad am I?” and “The Reality of an Overdose.”
  4. Bipolar : This blog is from Marcia Purse at Top posts include the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of bipolar disorder. There are also loads of topics from celebrities with bipolar disorder to related conditions.
  5. Bipolar Blog : This blog is an excellent guide for Bipolar Disorder 101. Sections include treatments, scholarships, and even free eBooks. The most recent entry was on drug abuse and bipolar disorder.
  6. The Last Degree : Lisa started this blog in 2008 to raise awareness about bipolar disorder. The blog’s title aims to present to the universe all her intentions for materializing dreams for the past thirty years. The Law of Attraction, the disorder, and more are discussed.
  7. Bipolar : Get a newsfeed for bipolar disorder on this blog. News comes from across the web to one, convenient place. There is also information and articles on the subject.

Be sure to consult a licensed physician before taking any of the advice on the above top 50 blogs for dealing with juvenile depression. Taking new meds, going off others, or even following a new fitness routine can all have unintended consequences that should be discussed first with a licensed professional.