Counseling Corner: Top 50 Web Sites and Forums for Grief Counseling

If you are interested in helping people work through their problems, a career in counseling can be a way to feel fulfilled in your job. Grief counseling is one area that can be of great help to many people. You can help others work through their sadness, and help them come to some sort of peace in their loss. 

Even if you aren’t a grief counselor, but someone who is grieving, there are some resources that you can turn to. We all experience grief at some point, and finding others who know what we’re going through can be very helpful. There are a number of resources online that can help you work through your difficulties. Here are 50 web sites and forums for grief counseling:

Professional Grief Counselors

There are those who have completed specific qualifications in order to be grief counselors. These professionals can help you work through your grief. Many of them even have web sites with resources that can help you in your time of need. Here are some of the sites from professionals, either grief counselors are psychiatrists/psychologists, who can help.

  1. Counseling for Loss and Life Changes, Inc: This web site is run by two counselors, including one with a specialty in grief. Information on grieving, and more.
  2. Alexandra Kennedy: A psychotherapist specializing in grief. Learn more about overcoming grief, including the gifts grief offers.
  3. This Chicago area psychotherapist specializes in helping with the grieving process.
  4. Dying Well: This end-of-life specialist (an M.D.) addresses issues of grieving and death.
  5. Living Life Counseling: These professionals can help you with grief. A Christian counseling service, with access to resources.
  6. Grief Counseling: The American Academy of Grief Counseling offers this insightful and helpful site. 
  7. Carol Campbell, MFT: Psychotherapist who can help with a number of issues, including grief counseling. Also includes articles and resources.

Grief Counseling Centers and Grief Support and Education Organizations

You can find resources, help and support by visiting the web sites of organizations devoted to grief. These grief counseling organizations can help you find information to help yourself, as well as provide references to grief and bereavement professionals in your local area. Support web sites can also provide comfort.

  1. The Dougy Center: Aimed at helping children understand and deal with grief and loss.
  2. The Amelia Center: Resources for grieving, and support for bereaved families.
  3. Kara: Grief support organization with an informational site and plenty of resources.
  4. The Compassionate Friends: An organization aimed at supporting grieving families. Includes online community support.
  5. Center for Grief, Loss & Transition: The center web site offers good resources for bereavement, and a good center.
  6. Association for Death Education and Counseling: A professional organization that can help you learn more about dying, and offers great resources on grief.
  7. Camp HOPE: A program for grieving teenagers. Weekend camp to help kids.
  8. Good Grief Center: Find out more about bereavement support and more from this center.
  9. New Hope Center for Grief Support: Visit this site for resources and information about grief from a Christian perspective.
  10. Shining Light: Support organization and web site helping you with various grief issues.
  11. Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide: You can learn more about bereavement, and find support and resources.
  12. Pet Loss Grief Support Loss: If you are grieving for the loss of a pet, this site can offer support.
  13. Pet Loss Support Page: Another resource for coping with the loss of a beloved pet.

Grief Forums and Online Support Groups

If you want to connect with others who are experiencing something similar, or if you want to express yourself, you can make use of grief forums and online support groups. These sites provide an outlet that can be helpful. Additionally, you can connect with people who can become lifelong friends.

  1. GriefShare: This site helps you find a grief support group. You can receive daily inspirational emails, and connect with those who can help you through the grieving process.
  2. The forums on this site can be helpful and healing.
  3. Parents of Murdered Children: For those who are grieving for such a horrible loss, this web site offers support and forums.
  4. GriefNet: Join forums, create a memorial, or find information to help you cope with your grief. A helpful site.
  5. Grief and Loss Forum: Great offering from PsychForums.
  6. The Grieving Forum: Share feelings and go through the process with others.
  7. Adult Sibling Grief: Forum for those mourning the loss of an adult sibling.
  8. Angel on My Shoulder: Great site aimed at helping widows and widowers cope with grief. 
  9. Baby Steps: Bereavement support, sharing, and memorials. A great support site.
  10. Child Suicide: Support site and forum aimed at helping those who have lost children to suicide.
  11. Grief and Trauma Support Forum: Share your grief and work through the emotional trauma.
  12. HALOS: Non-profit site that can help you cope with grief. Good support groups.
  13. Mom’s Halo: This is a support forum for those without mothers. A great way to connect and to cope.
  14. Grief Healing Discussion Groups: Learn more about healing and grief, and connect with others.

Memorial Sites

It is possible to make use of memorial sites to share your feelings about a departed loved one. There are memorial web sites that can help you express your final message to someone, or to share your feelings. In some cases, this can be therapeutic as you work through your grief.

  1. In Memory Of: A board that you can use to post messages of loved ones.
  2. Mailbox to Heaven: Share your message to departed loved ones, and find inspiration.
  3. Fallen Heroes Memorial: Messages: Offer thoughts on fallen service members.
  4. Remembered Forever: This site can help you with an online memorial for your loved one.
  5. Respectance: Share memories of your deceased loved ones.
  6. Celebrate Them: Create a memorial web site that can help you through the grieving process.
  7. Forever Missed: Another site that can help you create a memorial in cyberspace.

Motivation, Inspiration and Positivity Sites

Sometimes, when experiencing grief, it can be difficult to find the motivation to continue with every day activities. If you are looking for motivation and some positive help to encourage you to heal and keep going forward, these sites might be able to help. 

  1. The Journey Home: Find inspiring messages and hopeful passages related to grief.
  2. Rainbow Faith: A Christian based site with inspirational messages.
  3. From Tears to Hope: Resources to help your healing and to motivate you.
  4. Learn more about how to find motivation to move on.
  5. Grief Archive: Motivation With a Purpose offers these inspiring posts on grief.
  6. Inspiration for Change: A variety of quotes to inspire you.
  7. Heaven’s Roll Call: Christian site meant to inspire, including for bereavement.
  8. Motivation 123: Tips for becoming motivated.
  9. Inspirational Quotes: Find inspiration and comfort.